Know If You’re Pregnant: The Early Signs of Pregnancy

Probably the surest and fastest way to know if you are pregnant is by using an over-the-counter pregnancy test, although you might have yourself checked by a doctor to conduct a series of tests like pregnancy ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy. However, there are early signs of pregnancy that you may want to use as an indicator of whether you are pregnant or not.

The Initial Signs

When you miss your scheduled period or your period is unusual-looking (like light spotting), this is considered the classic sign of pregnancy. It should be immediately followed by a pregnancy test to confirm if you are pregnant so you can take necessary measures to care for yourself and your baby. Also, one of the early signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness; this is when you feel that your breasts are too sensitive to touch due to the change of your hormones and can also lead to the swelling of these areas. Some women feel nauseous about two weeks after conception although other women may not feel nauseous when they are pregnant. Extreme fatigue due to a lot of changes happening in your body, headaches, and increase in salivation are also among the early signs of pregnancy. Some women report that they need to urinate more than usual when they are pregnant, this is one of the most common early signs of pregnancy.

As you undergoing a lot of changes in your body, your hormones may play a big role in your sudden mood swings and emotional changes. These chemical changes in your body affect the way you feel about things.

The Greatest Indicator

Some women claim that they just know and feel that they are pregnant probably that is because women have instincts. But the early signs of pregnancy may be misleading or deceptive because some women who experience these symptoms later find out that these signs are caused by some other reason. Others may not feel any early signs of pregnancy at all and later come to know that they are pregnant.

The most reliable indicator of pregnancy is early pregnancy test kit, which are readily available in drugstores and clinics and are proven to be just as effective and accurate as laboratory testing. If you are still doubtful and not sure if the pregnancy test is accurate, you can just go to the doctor for further evaluation.

What Pregnancy Tests to Look For


It is crucial, in addition to knowing all the signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, to also see how the pregnancy test works for you to actually gauge the accuracy of each test kit that you might buy. It is also vital for you to know what to expect when your doctor tests you for pregnancy.

Serum And Urine

The pregnancy test measures the hormones in your body called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) to immediately know if a woman is pregnant. Another way of knowing if someone is pregnant is through measuring one’s EDF or early pregnancy factor relating to a protein that is linked with mammalian embryos after fertilization. This measuring of EDF can be detected by performing serum or blood testing and is considered to be time consuming and expensive.

Most commercial, over-the-counter pregnancy tests use HCG in determining if one is pregnant or not. The HCG can be detected through urine or blood (serum) sample took a few weeks after implantation occurred or about six to twelve days after the fertilization of the egg. And for practical and more accurate results, a home pregnancy test should be performed after a missed menstruation or after two to three weeks of ovulation. These tests can only do a qualitative analysis, meaning they just help determine if one is pregnant or not. It does not do any quantitative test, only the pregnancy test using blood (serum) can determine how much of the hormone is there.

Testing Is Easy

Having yourself tested for pregnancy is an easy task. The home pregnancy test kits are readily available in supermarkets and drugstores for you to easily do it all by yourself. The procedure is easy for it only involves mixing a normal urine sample with a drop or two into a chemically prepared strip or area. Usually, the results are indicated after a minute or two.

There are many home pregnancy test kits and choosing the right product should be one of your top priorities. There are products like First Response, which has been considered as the best and most reliable home pregnancy test kit. The Fact plus Pro test is also considered as a product that has the lowest sensitivity test. Also, if you are considering digital home pregnancy test kits, the best in the market today is the Clearblue Easy Digital, which makes the testing less complicated and delivering of results simpler.